CornucopiaFall is officially here and between the leaves changing colors, pumpkins appearing and Fall festivals, there’s one symbol of Fall that’s so much more than a symbol of fall harvest. It’s the cornucopia! Sure, we’ve all probably seen a cornucopia or two during Thanksgiving, but how much do you really know about it? Check out a few facts the Autumn Hill Nursery team has put together for your enjoyment!

According to Brighthubeducation.com, “the word “cornucopia”originated from two Latin words; Cornu meaning “horn” and Copia meaning “plenty”. Hence the nickname Horn of Plenty, which in most cases today refers to an abundance of something.”

Often times in Greek Mythology the cornucopia was represented as a goat’s horn (from the original myth itself) and often was seen being held by several different deities. Usually appearing in two positions; one with the mouth or opening facing upwards and one facing downwards, depending on the deity being portrayed and the artist.

Cornucopias can be made of different materials including metal, wood, ceramics, stone and, most commonly, wicker for baskets, and sold at garden centers, gift shops, and craft stores and can also be found at garage sales and thrift shops.

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