Between 15-30% of all of the fruits and vegetables that we eat have been pollinated by bees. Think about that – almost a third of our food has been pollinated by those little yellow and black buzzing insects that some of us are scared of or try to kill. Autumn Hill Nursery wants you to rethink your attitude towards the bee population. We have many things to thank them for! Instead, we give you 4 tips on how to attract more bees to your garden to not only help their population thrive but also to help your garden thrive as well!

Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden

Nectar is what your bees are looking for, so give them lots of it! Plant your garden full of flowers that they will come to, to collect the nectar for their honey production. The more flowers that you have closer together, the better. So, plant an abundant border around the edge of your garden to attract the bees. Once they have found your bouquet, they will tell all of their friends. Your garden could be the best bee hangout in the neighborhood!

Keep Them Coming Year Round

Plant a garden that always has something blooming. Autumn Hill can help you plant a year long garden so your landscape will always be beautiful and will always have something to offer your neighborhood bees.

Choose Favorite Bee Plants

Bees love flowers with blue colors because they appear very bright to them. They also love the fragrances of thyme and mint just as much as we do, and find lavender’s soothing scents attractive as well.

Quench Their Thirst

Working hard makes for a thirsty bee. Give them somewhere to sip some water and take a break from their long day of collecting nectar. Bees are obviously too small to drink from a pond or bird bath, so a little water in a plate will serve them well.

These four tips are easy ways to keep your garden bee friendly, and instead of being scared of these buzzing bees, sit and watch them at work. They won’t bother you if you don’t bother them and they will be very appreciative of your provided flowers and water and you can appreciate their pollination of your Canton, GA garden!

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