garden irrigation systemYou may be sick of hearing summer watering tips, but we promise, your plants aren’t! Summer watering is a crucial task for any gardener, but when you live in the sweltering South, it’s something that can’t be ignored. In fact, properly hydrating summer plants is so important that landscapers have deemed July Smart Irrigation Month. Is your system up to snuff?

Benefits of Smart Irrigation

  • Reduces monthly water bill
  • Protects local water supplies
  • Enriches the environment through thriving landscapes and gardens
  • Limits the risk of dehydration or over watering
  • Reduces water waste
  • Simplifies landscape maintenance for homes, businesses, and communities
  • Accounts for rain and adjusts accordingly

4 Ways to Save Water

  1. Garden. Plant native plants, maintain healthy soil, and consider plants’ watering needs when designing a garden layout.
  2. Irrigate. Sprinkler systems, timers, sensors, and even natural methods of water control like dry creek beds can drastically reduce the amount of water wasted to maintain a healthy yard.
  3. Water well. Follow our summer watering tips to make sure each drop goes to good use. A few quick tips: water before the sun comes up, water deeply to prevent the development of shallow roots, and avoid losing runoff down the drain.
  4. Ask the professionals. Whether you’re installing a new irrigation system, maintaining your current system, or looking for everyday ways to conserve water in the garden, you’ll be twice as effective if you get help from a pro.

Have a great tip for saving water in the summer garden? Give us a call or share it on the Autumn Hill Nursery Facebook page!

Sprinklers Image from Flickr

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