You’ve got to make dinner by 7, get your kids to practice by 8, you just got off work at 6 and now your daughter just told you she needs cupcakes for a friends birthday tomorrow – among the hustle did you forget to water your flower containers? Has your patio turned into a place where the green leaves and budding blooms come to turn brown and die? The perfect solution for you is a container water garden! These can be the lowest maintenance and easiest watering container plants out there, and Autumn Hill Nursery has a great selection of “instant” water gardens. Just mix and match your favorite container and plants, add water, and you’re all set!

Choosing a Container

One pound of water weighs about 8 pounds, so keep this in mind when you are choosing a container to install your water garden. When you place your garden, you also need to consider if whatever is supporting it can hold all of the weight of the water plus the added weight of the container, plants, and soil. Typically, patio container water gardens hold about 15-20 gallons.

Choosing Plants

Aquatic plants typically like full sun, but some can do with less. When choosing what plants to place in your water garden, think about where the garden will be placed and how much sunlight it will receive each day. Look at each plant carefully. Some like to be placed on the bottom of the water, while others like to be placed closer to the waters surface, and others only float on the top of the water. To vary the depth of your plants, use bricks or pieces of stone to raise the pots.

At Autumn Hill Nursery, we make creating your container water gardens quick and easy! Just pick out the plants that appeal to you, select an appropriately sized container, and you have just created your very own “suburban pond.” We have water plants at both of our locations, in Canton and Hickory Flat. Come by this weekend and get started on that gardening project that you’ve been thinking about!

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