Stephen HillAutumn Hill Nursery has a staff of wonderful people and gardeners. They have a passion for planting and always greet our customers with a smile and the answers to your questions. We are excited to bring you staff spotlights so that you can get to know our staff and love them as much as we do!

Stephen Hill, our Landscape Foreman

I joined the Navy after high school, and was a cook on a naval destroyer.  Following the Navy I pursued a culinary career.   I started working with my brother, Eric, and Kari a few years after they opened the nursery.

Sheila and I were married last year. I have three children, and so does she. All we lack is a maid to be the Brady Bunch. I live next door to the nursery and still manage to be late to work.

As a family, we enjoy four-wheeling, hiking, and just hanging out together. I am passionate about my children and family, and fortunately my wife likes the Grateful Dead nearly as much as I do.

At work I enjoy the creativity and challenges that come with each landscape project. I like that every project is different and that I am responsible for its successful completion.

I enjoy gardening because it is ongoing and ever-changing. It great being outside, and I feel good at the end of the day.

Best advice I can give for gardening is give consideration to your project before you begin, and being patient with the process will reward you. Most importantly, simply enjoy your garden.

Next time you call Autumn Hill Nursery for a landscape project or design, you’ll know exactly who to expect to show up to your door! Stephen obviously loves his job and has a passion for creativity. You’ll love what he creates for you!

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