Front Yard Landscaping in Woodstock, GAThe best time to plant your hardscape is in the spring and fall. This gives your newly installed plants time to establish a root system in their new soil and grow large enough that they don’t need daily watering before the harsh temperatures and sometimes dry summer hits them. But, if you plant a tree improperly, no matter how much you water it, it just isn’t going to live. Autumn Hill Nursery offers easy, step-by-step instructions on how to plant your trees.

Dig Wide, Not Deep

One of the common problems that we see with novice landscapers installing their own trees and shrubs is that they dig their holes too deep and too narrow. When planting a tree or shrub, your hole should be no deeper than the hight of the root ball, but at least two times as wide – three is even better.

Place Your Tree and Backfill

Once your whole is ready, go ahead and place your new tree in the hole, turning it so the best side faces in the right direction. Then backfill the hole with the soil you dug out, tamping lightly as you pack. Some people also like to add organic matter to the soil at this point, but the most important factor in ensuring your tree’s success is the loose soil that its new roots can easily grow into.

Stake and Water

Now it’s time to care for your new tree to help it grow big and strong, If you planted a young tree, stake it through the root ball into the ground beneath. The stake should be tied loosely to the trunk. This will help prevent the wind and rain from knocking over your delicate tree.

Now is the time for the watering hose. Water your new tree as soon as you finish planting, and every day for at least two weeks afterwards. By then, your new tree will have begun to spread its roots and you can slowly wean it off to less frequent waterings.

Autumn Hill Nursery in Canton and Woodstock, GA has a wide variety of trees and shrubs that make a perfect accent to any landscape. If you would rather not deal with the difficulty of transporting and installing your own tree, we can do it for you! Come on by and pick out your new hardscape today!

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