There’s nothing more rewarding than watching the perennials you’ve tended over the years thrive. But when plants get too big, they grow unhealthy and start to stagnate. Spring is an excellent time to divide your perennials. Revitalize your favorite plants by dividing and replanting this spring.

Benefits of Dividing Perennials

  • Keep plants healthy. When perennials grow unchecked for more than three or four years, the clumps start to die in the middle. By dividing perennials, gardeners can keep each plant manageable and healthy.
  • Keep them contained. When some plants spread out, they start to crowd their neighbors, hoarding water and stealing crucial nutrients from the soil. Keep your perennials on their own turf by dividing them every few years.
  • Keep them showy. Crowded perennials produce fewer blooms. Make a statement by dividing your showiest perennials and replanting them around the yard. Not only will you make a splash in a new corner of the garden, but each plant will produce more flowers.
  • Keep them pest-free. Pests and fungi thrive in tight, crowded spaces with excess moisture. Dividing perennials makes them less susceptible to pests and diseases.

How to Divide Perennials

  1. Dig. Use a shovel to loosen the roots and isolate the clump. This is easier if the soil is soft and well-watered.
  2. Remove. Maneuver your shovel under the root ball and lift, rocking gently back and forth to loosen the roots from the soil to avoid damaging the plant.
  3. plant rootsClean. Remove excess soil from the root ball by shaking, brushing, or pouring water over the roots.
  4. Separate. Cut apart individual crowns, making sure each one has a set of leaves and roots.
  5. Replant. Have a hole ready for immediate replanting to prevent the roots from drying out. Replant at the same depth as before and water well.

Want to chat about dividing and planting perennials? We love to talk about gardening! Visit Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flats.

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