raised garden bedDealing with soil compaction problems, drainage issues, or garden pests? Raised beds could be the answer! Protected from foot traffic and ground-level soil problems alike, raised garden beds make it easy for gardeners to control the elements and grow the perfect crops. Flowers and veggies alike produce better yields when planted in raised beds. And building a raised bed is an easy DIY garden project to tackle this spring.

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Looking for a way to grow better vegetables, herbs, and flowers? A raised garden bed allows you to customize the appearance of your flower beds. Thrifty gardeners create raised beds out of found materials like old wine crates, water troughs, and even used tires. But you can build one from scratch in just a few hours.

  1. Pick a location. Determine what you’ll grow in your raised bed and find an area that gets the right amounts of sun and shade.
  2. Do the math. Do you want a petite garden bed for your favorite perennials, or a sprawling raised bed for fresh vegetables? Plan your bed, do the math, and buy the right materials.
  3. Buy your materials. Build a basic frame with nails and a couple of 2×4’s. Lay landscaping fabric beneath the frame and cut the excess for a smoother look. Make sure your bed is level, then fill it with soil or compost.
  4. Get planting. Here comes the fun part. Make your raised bed bloom! Vegetables, fresh herbs, and spring flowers will add a touch of color (and that satisfying feeling of accomplishment) to your spring landscape.

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Raised Vegetable Garden

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