Scavenger Hunt  Write in the names 

By office (in front and beside the office)

  1. Find a Lover from the South


  1. You can play me in a band


Annual Area Black shade cloth area across the drive from the office

  1. Find three annuals with a food in their names


  1. A butterfly-loving annual that you would wear around your head or neck or stuff in your back pocket


Fruits and Herb area across the drive from house #1

  1. There are two drinks in my name but you don’t drink me


  1. Find three herbs with “Lemon” in their names


Outside of House #1

  1. “I have been tricked” summer flowering perennial


  1. Find two characters from the same fairy tale.


  1. Showing a celestial object some love


Front half of House #1 the sun perennials

  1. Series of funny cop movies


  1. A Donald Trump vine


Back half of House #1 shade perennials

  1. Find six varieties of ferns


  1. Joyful Royalty


Walk About area  open area above the rose house with sun-loving shrubs

  1. A “Leo’s” good looks (hint: look to the stars)


  1. A sweet dessert


  1. Two tart flavors are part of my name


Top green house before the barn and across from the chickens

  1. A movie snack


  1. A season that never finishes


  1. Seasonal Contract