Tower GardensAutumn Hill Nursery has long been a proponent of organic gardening and growing your own vegetables and herbs in your own backyard, free of chemicals. While this is easy for some people in the Woodstock and Canton, GA areas, others don’t have access to enough soil for full fledged gardens. That’s why we have recently started carrying Tower Gardens. These gardens make it easy for anyone – anyone – to grow their own 100% organic vegetables in a limited amount of space.

For Your Health

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your table brings both great health and delicious flavors to your menu. You no longer have to run to the grocery store for vegetables that have been treated and sprayed with chemicals and fertilizers, you can pick your favorite cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, or beans right from the Tower Garden on your back porch. And you don’t have to stop at that selection – you can grow almost anything you like!

For the Ease

Planting and growing your own garden can be a hassle. You’ve got to try to keep pests away, pull weeds, water constantly, and even then you aren’t ensured a good crop. Tower Gardening uses no soil, grows no weeds, and you don’t have to worry about ground pests.

For the Simplicity

Tower Garden uses aeroponic technology, combined with a vertical design, this means that you’ll use 10% less water than a traditional garden. You’ll also be using substantially less land as tower gardens only have a 2.5’x  2.5′ foot print.

Join us this weekend at our Hickory Flat location near Woodstock, GA to get started with your Tower Garden. In our vegetable gardening workshop, we’ll discuss growing vegetables in containers, raised beds, potato sacks, and starting your own seeds. For more information or to RSVP, please contact us at 770-442-3901.

Img via TowerGardening.com

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