Frosted FlowerNext week, the temperatures here in Woodstock and Canton, Georgia will hit record lows for this time of year. With wind chills in the negatives, we’re pretty sure that you’re not going to want to be out gardening. Autumn Hill Nursery has a few tips for you on how to best care for your precious flowers and plants in these frozen temperatures. 

  • Typically, before a hard frost such as this one, we’d recommend thoroughly watering all of your plants, especially your tender perennials. But, because we’ve been getting so much rain lately and the ground is already wet, you can actually skip this step.
  • Covering your roses and other bushes honestly isn’t going to give them much protection next week. It will stop some of the wind damage, but at temperatures this cold, covering up plants doesn’t make enough difference to spend the time doing it.
  • If you have any bird baths or concrete fountains, drain them and dump them over now. Leaving water in them will cause them to crack when it freezes.
  • Bring in all of your containers. If there is a container outside that you can move, do it. Putting them in your garage or even indoors will help make sure that those plants survive the cold snap.
  • Make sure you’ve turned off all of your irrigation systems. There’s no reason that your plants need water when it’s 10 degrees out! And, hopefully you’ll save yourself from busted water pipes.

Make sure you take care of these things in your landscape this weekend, before the cold weather gets here! For the rest of your plants that are outside, you’ll just have to blow them a kiss and wish them the best. We’ll know if they made it come spring time!

Img via Flickr. 

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