It’s officially summer. The sun is blazing hot, the water is blessedly cool, and families with pools spend every opportunity to lounge around in their very own backyard getaways. Poolside areas are more than just a place to relax after a busy week of work and hustling kids to playdates; they’re landscapes tailor-made for harmony between natural and manmade materials. Is your pool in need of a little pizzaz? Look no further than Autumn Hill Nursery.

Poolside Landscape Design

flowers by the poolA good poolside landscape adds peace and beauty without becoming busy or overgrown. Some homeowners prefer understated designs that rely heavily on hardscaping. Others enjoy hiding away their pools behind a carefully tended tangle of blooming shrubs. But whatever poolside landscape design catches your eye, you’re going to have to consider these factors before digging in:

  1. Amenities. Before you fill every inch of space with your favorite perennials, consider what you need to make your dream pool a reality. Many pools aren’t simply there for swimming, but for entertaining friends, family, and neighbors. If your pool could use a fire pit, a dedicated grill zone, or a larger platform for pool chairs, take care of these hardscaping elements first.
  2. Upkeep. If you’d rather spend an hour by the pool than an hour in the garden, you’ll want poolside plants with minimal upkeep. Container gardens make excellent poolside displays. Not only are they easy to care for, they’re easy to switch out for different annuals the next time you replace your poolside decor.
  3. Atmosphere. Do you want a hidden pool vibe, complete with splashing fountain and privacy screens? Do you need to drown out the noise (and sight) of a nearby highway? Or would you prefer to keep the pool open and inviting, showing guests that it’s okay to pop by for a fun afternoon of grilling and swimming? Your chosen landscape isn’t just about beauty, but about functionality as well. Before sketching out a blueprint for your poolside landscape, consider which plants will best suit your pool use.

Are you stuck in a rut with summer landscape design? Let Autumn Hill Nursery show you the artistry just outside your door. Call our Woodstock garden center learn more about our landscape design service.

Flowers by the Pool

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