There’s something about container gardens that never ceases to entice us. Maybe it’s the convenience, the mobility, or the sweep of nostalgia when strolling by lush pots spilling flowers on the porch. Whatever it is, container gardens capture our attention and hold. Any homeowner can plant a perfect snapshot garden on the porch this spring. Fill planters like a pro with these tricks of the trade from Autumn Hill Nursery.

Pick Your Container

Autumn Hill container gardenThanks to online picture boards, gardening has unfolded into an array of cute and quirky decor ideas. One easy way to add a little style to the garden is to choose an interesting pot for your flowers. Dig into traditional planters with elegant designs, airy antique bird cages, or rustic chic containers like old wheelbarrows. The sky’s the limit! Just make sure your container:

  • Is porous enough to allow oxygen to reach plants’ roots
  • Has enough space for your desired plants to grow
  • Has appropriate drainage (or can be drilled easily to add drainage holes)

Thrill, Fill, Spill

If you’re not sure how to arrange your container garden, we have three words for you: thrill, fill, spill. It’s the perfect recipe for an eye catching planter every time! Simply thrill with a burst of tall foliage in the center, fill around your focal point with short flowers or greens (try impatiens, begonias, or petunias), and let trailing plants like ivy, bacopa, or lobelia spill around the edges. Make sure each variety has room to grow and you’re good to go!

For effortless container gardens, healthy nursery plants, and gardening workshop how-tos, stop by Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flat.

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