Mini Fairy GardenThere have long been told tales of tiny, mythical creatures that frolic and play in the woods and gardens by night, and disappear come the first tinge of sunrise across the sky. Some people believe that these “little people” control the elements, and can freely dish out good luck to those in their favor, and bad luck to everyone else. Whether you believe that fairies live in the hollows of tree trunks, and sing and dance surrounded by a mushroom circle by the light of the moon, or not, the magical fairy gardens that have grown in popularity are an imaginative and creative outlet for anyone! Autumn Hill Nursery has been creating both indoor and outdoor homes and gathering areas for fairies and gnomes, and thee little mischievous creatures have started to appear!

There is a little troll that loves this area in particular. He’s taken up residence in the base of the tree, and has two fairies for neighbors. All three of them enjoy stirring up trouble at night when all of our customers have gone. We’ll often come back to whole sections of plants that they’ve pushed over, or can’t find a garden shovel or trowel that we know we left on our potting bench.

Fairy GardenThese mini outdoor gardens are a great, creative way to add something special to that little corner of your yard where you’ve never had much success growing flowers. That shady, protected area is perfect to invite fairies into and dress up with their cute houses, walkways, mini bird houses, and seating areas. It doesn’t take much room in your garden to create a space for your fairies, you could even tuck their new residence in among your current flower beds.

Mini GardenThere are a ton of places across the web and Pinterest for you to find inspiration and start to get ideas on what to do with your fairy gardens. Even more inspirational are the several scenes and vignettes that we’ve set up at both Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flat, and the new Four Seasons Gift and Garden Autumn Hill in Canton. Come by today to get your outdoor mini fairy garden started – the pieces make great gifts too!


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