Christmas Tree ornamentAfter this week you’ll be busily taking down your Christmas decorations. With all the preparations and excitement building up to Christmas day,we know taking down your tree and throwing it out can be a bit sad. This year, recycle your Christmas tree into something useful! Autumn Hill Nursery has a few ideas on how to give your tree life after Christmas.

  • Lop off the boughs of the tree and place them over your tender perennials or pansies. They’ll protect the foliage from windburn or a late spring frost.
  • Cut off smaller branches and cover them in peanut butter then a coating of bird seed as a treat for your feathered friends.
  • After you’ve lopped off all of the branches and are left with just a trunk, tie a ribbon around the trunk pieces and gift them to your friends that have fireplaces or fire pits.
  • After removing all of your decorations, simply place your used tree on the edge of your property and let the wildlife make it a part of their habitat.
  • Cut off the top 2 feet of your tree and set it in your yard – the squirrels will love it!
  • Strip off the needles and put them into a sachet. Spread them around your house to make it smell like a Christmas tree all year.

Whatever you decide to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays, we hope that your Autumn Hill Nursery tree has been a beautiful centerpiece to your warm holiday with family and friends. From our family to yours, we wish you all of the best for the New Year!

Img via Flickr.

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