Roses are arriving in droves, transforming Autumn Hill Nursery into a whimsical, elegant sweep of color. Many gardeners have already planted their pre-order roses, artfully arranging Rugosas, Grandiflora Roses, and Climbing Roses. Other Woodstock gardeners are waiting until the SpringFest tour of the rose houses to make their selections. But not all gardeners have the space to match their blooming souls. Can you still plant roses if you don’t have a yard?

How to Plant Container Roses

roses in pot paintingIf you don’t have adequate space, soil, or drainage to plant a rose bed, you can still enjoy the beauty of these classic blooms. Roses can grow happily for years on a sunny terrace or beside a winding sidewalk. Grow flourishing container roses by following these steps:

  1. Choose the right rose. Groundcover roses and climbers aren’t made for pots on porches. Choose a fragrant, compact, disease-resistant rose variety. Continual bloomers add a touch of color to the patio or sunroom throughout the growing season.
  2. Prepare the pot. Clean out a large container for your roses. Make sure it has a hole for drainage. Line the bottom with a layer of broken pot pieces or plastic to encourage drainage. Add potting soil mixed with compost or manure to encourage healthy growth.
  3. Plant your roses and water well. Keep the soil moist throughout the spring and summer. Feed roses often to encourage more blooms. If planting in cooler months, use a large container to provide better insulation.
  4. Upsize. Roses can flourish in containers indefinitely, but they may outgrow their pot. If you notice a decrease in blooms, upgrade your roses to a larger container and watch the plant thrive again.

Containers create endless possibilities for rose gardeners in Woodstock. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been rose gardening for years, visit Autumn Hill Nursery to exchange tips and tricks with your local rose gardening gurus.

Container Roses

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