new years resolutionThe New Year is here and one thing that many are accustomed to doing is having a New Year resolution. For some, it may be to eat better, for others it may be to become more active… some may want to get rid of a horrible habit, and some may vow to stay away from sodas. There are a lot of things that people resolute to doing every year; there are things that some stick to and some don’t. For those that are gardeners and love this activity, you may want to consider taking on one of these 10 resolutions as your own.

1. Become a gardener: If you have loved the thought of being a gardener but never started you can start now!
2. Test the soil you have: Purchase a soil test kit and go for it. When you test your soil you will make sure you know the makeup of your soil and you will also be able to know how much fertilizer and lime you need to apply to it.
3. Add a new sustainable method of gardening: You get in a routine when you are gardening but it’s good to make sure you have a garden that thinks of the environment as well.
4. Reduce your lawn area: Having a bigger garden will lower the amount of lawn you have… and it means for less lawn care.
5. Plant your own vegetables and herbs: It’s nice to be able to cook with your own home grown items.
6. Order your seeds early
7. Plant flowers that attract good bugs
8. Take care of yourself: Take a break every 15 minutes of gardening
9. Take a class to learn more about it
10. Enjoy your garden: Walk around it, sit out… look at your hard work.

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