For those used to a northern climate, autumn may seem like a season of endings. Summer’s last vegetables, the last blooms of ornamental trees, and annual garden maintenance happen early in the year. But Georgia enjoys an extended growing season, making fall as lush and colorful as spring. There’s plenty of time to dig into fall gardening. Transform your landscape with these design tips from Autumn Hill Nursery.

5 Tips for Transforming the Garden

  1. Screen it in. When you plant screening trees and shrubs, you’re not just guaranteeing privacy by blocking sounds and views. You’re actually creating the illusion of a tamed wildland unfurling in your yard. Block views of streets, stores, and other houses by adding verdant shrubs and color-rich trees like Japanese maples.
  2. Change it up. The eye loves unexpected texture and color. Keep it creative by including perennials, annuals, vegetables and gourds, and evergreens in your fall landscape.
  3. hardscaping elements

    Example of yard personality

    Give it a backbone. Adding structures is an excellent way to visually anchor the landscape. Bonus? Fountains, mosaics, stone benches, and wooden archways look great in any season, keeping the landscape interesting no matter what is (or isn’t) blooming.

  4. Vary natural elements. Plants aren’t the only option for creating natural beauty. Create a rich and varied landscape by adding fish in a pond, a merry fountain, or elements to attract birds and other non-damaging wildlife.
  5. Layer plants. Take the thrill, fill, spill design technique to a larger scale. Choose a variety of fall plants that grow at different heights or unfurl in various ways. Layer them with larger plants in the back, lush plants in the middle, and unusual or “spill” type plants in the front.

Visit Autumn Hill Nursery for fall garden design tips, fresh plants, and landscaping tools.

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