Joe Lamp'lJoe Lamp’l is the host of Growing a Greener World  – an award winning TV show that airs on national Public Television featuring organic gardening, green living, and farm-to-table cooking. If you are already a fan of Joe’s, you may not know that he lives right here in Milton, GA where he cultivates his own organic farm. On March 29th, Autumn Hill Nursery is giving you a unique opportunity to learn from the expert himself at our very own “Fresh from the Garden” workshop.

Growing a Greener World is hosted by Joe, in addition to his two main hosts, Chef Nathan Lyon and Theresa Loe. Chef Nathan shows viewers to how create innovative cuisine using fresh, local ingredients and simple recipes. He’s featured on many other TV shows including Good Food America and Home Made Simple. Theresa brings to the show her expertise in canning and homesteading. She is passionate about taking the garden full circle and shares her love of canning so that you too can learn how to homestead, on even the smallest of gardens.

At our organic gardening workshop on March 29th, Joe will be teaching us everything we need to know on how to grow edibles, without using harsh chemicals and fertilizers. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough room for a garden, because we’ll be discussing not only the best way to grow veggies organically, but also the best way to grow them in whatever limited amount of space that you have.

Please RSVP to 770-442-3901 and let us know that we get to look forward to seeing you! This workshop will be at our Woodstock location at 4256 Earney Rd. We will see you then!

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