For the non-gardeners in our lives, the sight of pollen dusting every surface indicates the arrival of spring. But for landscapers it’s a sign that spring is almost over. As pansies begin to wither and other spring flowers spend their blooms, it’s time to look towards the next season. How and when should you prepare flowerbeds for summer annuals? Autumn Hill Nursery has the answers.

Preparing to Plant Summer Annuals

Before stocking up on your favorite annuals at Autumn Hill Nursery, prepare your soil for planting. Georgia summers have harsh conditions, so your beds should be rich and full of nutrients. Add organic matter to the soil. This will help retain moisture, which your flowers will need in the heat of summer. Buy quality plants that show no signs of wilt or disease. And don’t forget to invest in mulch, which suppresses weeds and helps plant roots retain moisture.

When to Plant Summer Annuals

begonia flower on blue backgroundSummer annuals should be planted in late spring, when the ground temperature reaches the mid-60’s. Keep an eye on your pansies to determine when it’s time. When they start to fade, it’s time to plan summer annuals. This usually occurs around the last week of April. Plant seeds for summer annuals like marigold, zinnia, cosmos, and celosia. This is also the ideal time to plant dahlias, caladiums, elephant ear, and gladiolus. Wait a week or two before planting begonias, geraniums, petunias, coleus, and vinca. Prepare for a long and glorious summer full of eye-catching color!

Ready to revitalize the garden? Visit Autumn Hill Nursery for fresh summer annuals in Woodstock.

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