Family gardening is a great way to get your kids active and outdoors. Bonus? You can teach them lifelong skills like planting, weeding, and cooking from the garden. Unfortunately, if you simply drag the kids along on your next gardening excursion, you’re more likely to hear, “I’m bored!” than “This is fun!” Teach kids to love gardening with these tips from Autumn Hill Nursery.

Gardening with Kids

  1. miniature gardenMake a miniature garden. Mini gardens let kids see the fruits of their labor fast. They can create fairy gardens, hobbit holes, and seasonal landscapes in just an hour or two. If you want to get your kids interested in gardening, sign the family up for a Miniature Gardening Workshop at Autumn Hill.
  2. Give them their own space. Kids like to test the waters without feeling like their parents are hovering. Teach them to love planting flowers by giving them a corner of the garden to call their own. Border it with scrap wood or leftover stones and decorate a picket sign to announce that this corner of the garden belongs to your kids.
  3. Encourage team work. If left alone, sibling gardeners (especially the little ones) often end up throwing dirt and causing trouble. Limit fights by assigning each child a garden task. Young kids dig great holes, older kids are responsible enough to handle transplanting flowers, and toddlers make great movers and dirt fillers.
  4. Buy them tools. You’d be amazed how quickly a 5 year old will go from indifferent to enthralled if you hand her a colorful spade.
  5. Record the process. Remind your kids of the outcome of hard work by snapping pictures throughout the process and putting them together in a gardening scrapbook.

Want more tips on kid-friendly gardening practices? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery for tools, plant materials, and expert advice.

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