Low maintenance plants When life is going full speed, sometimes, it can be easy to forget to water your plants. At Autumn Hill Nursery we know keeping plants alive doesn’t have to be hard. So we’ve put together a list of five plants that are great for surviving in the house. Now, no matter how hectic your schedule is, or how much (or how little) light you have in your home, there’s a plant for you, and it’s on this list. Check it out!

  1. Pothos – This plant is commonly referred to as the “devil’s ivy,” and has an air-purifying quality that can absorb toxins from places in your home like the carpet. Isn’t that neat?!
  2. Aloe – As you probably already know from product labels, this plant with long pointed leaves has many medical properties. The aloe vera plant can work great in small, indoor sunny spaces.  
  3. Dieffenbachia – The leaves of the Dieffenbachia, or “dumb canes,” can grow up to one foot long and add a tropical feel to your home decor.
  4. Peace Lily – This beautiful, super easy to grow house plant can survive in low humidity and low light making it great for rooms with few windows or sunlight.
  5. Ficus – This tree needs plenty of sunlight and can add a splash of spunk to your home decor.

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