The frosty temperatures still haven’t left us in north Georgia, but it is time to start preparing your beds for planting lettuce! Lettuce is a great winter to spring crop to get you started on your vegetable growing.

Types of Lettuce to Try

There are a wide variety of lettuce plants to choose from but some of the easier are butterheads and bibb which have a superior cold tolerance. Romaine lettuce is another plant that can tolerate stress well. Crisphead lettuces such as iceberg and French Crisp are easy to grow and taste great!

How to Plant Lettuce

The soil you are planting your lettuce in should be loose and about 10 inches deep. An inch or so of compost or seasoned manure will give your plants the nutrition they need to grow strong. Lettuce typically does best in full sun to part shaded areas.

Harvesting Your Lettuce

The best time to harvest your lettuce leaves is first thing in the morning when they are ripe with dew water. Do not wait until the afternoon sun hits the leaves and wilts them – they will usually not make it to the fridge in good condition if you pick them in hot dry conditions.

Keep Out the Critters!

Fresh lettuce leaves taste just as good to your neighborhood deer and rabbits as they do to you in a big salad so make sure that you are protecting your garden beds! Make fences of chicken wire and be sure to cover the top of the bed as well, so no smart deer will be stepping over and having a salad feast of their own!

Autumn Hill Nursery is primarily a garden center, but we love to help you grow anything that makes your gardens come alive! If you need any advice on planting your garden or flower beds this season, give us a call or stop by at either of our Woodstock, GA or Canton, GA locations!

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