Last week we talked about keeping your feathered friends plump through the winter months by feeding them the right kind of bird seed. Today, we want to make sure that you know how to keep their feeders clean, so that bird seed keeps them healthy!

How to Clean Bird FeedersBird Feeder

  • Cleaning regularly is the most important part of keeping your birds healthy. Just like us, the birds need a clean dinner plate to eat off of! Performing regular cleaning on your bird feeder will avoid bacteria and mold growing inside of your feeder and potentially harming your birds. If your bird feeder and seeds gets drenched in storm, it is a particularly important time to clean it out so things do not start growing.
  • Take the feeder apart completely. To begin cleaning, completely take the bird feeder apart and empty it of any seeds or hulls that could be stuck into the crevices.
  • Disinfect and sanitize. The easiest way to disinfect your bird feeder is to wash it in a one part bleach, nine parts water solution. This will kill any bad bacteria that could be growing in your feeder but will not harm your birds.
  • Rinse well. Make sure after sanitizing that you rinse out your bird feeder very well to remove any traces of the bleach that may be left.
  • Refill and hang. Now your bird feeder is squeaky clean and ready for dining-in. You can fill it back up with your friend’s favorite food and set it back outside for them to enjoy.

While you are in the process of cleaning, you should also take some time to clean up around your feeder and remove any old seed husks or fruit pieces so they don’t attract bugs and rodents. If you ever notice an outbreak of mites or disease it will be important to clean your bird feeder often to prevent the problem spreading.

Want to find a bird feeder to add to your yard? We carry a wide selection and recommend Wild Delight bird food as the best nutrition for your backyard birds. Come see us at Autumn Hill Nursery in either Hickory Flat or Canton and pick out a new home for your birds today!

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