Roses are looking Fantastic!

When we think of roses, we often think of sprawling grounds, fragrant blooms unfurling in the sun, and fine Southern ladies and gentleman making cuttings for the table. Roses encourage an atmosphere of elegance, whether you live in an old Georgian estate or an apartment complex with only a few feet of dirt by the back porch. And like those Southern gardeners, roses are surprisingly hardy once well established. Give your roses the care they need with this guide to planting roses.

How to Establish Healthy Roses

  • Choose a variety. Every gardener has a different taste, history, and style. Choose a rose variety that will reflect your personality in the garden, so you can put heart and soul into tending those rose bushes.
  • Prepare the earth. Find a garden plot with a few hours of sunlight each day that will also provide adequate shade in the hot summer months. Make sure your rose roots won’t compete with trees or other plants for nutrients, unless you’re planting ramblers, which flourish under harsher conditions. Before planting rose bushes, supplement the soil with rich manure or compost.
  • Plant rose bushes. Keep roots hydrated after you purchase your roses, and plant the shrubs as soon as possible. For a beautiful rose garden, plant at least 3 shrubs in close proximity. If you plant roses 18 inches apart, they will grow together into one dense shrub dotted with stately blossoms. If you don’t want to grow rose clusters or hedges, plant the shrubs at least 3 feet apart. Water freshly planted roses frequently to encourage healthy shrubs and more numerous blossoms.

Find the roses of your dreams at Autumn Hill Nursery. We offer a full selection of David Austin roses for pre-order, so they arrive fresh in time for planting. Call to learn more about our January roses, or check our website for the 2016 rose catalogue.

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