Ignoring the fact that our gardens are never finished, I was heading in a different direction with this question.
Quite often we base our plant selections on visual appeal. Sometimes we are drawn to a fragrance, and for many of us it stops here. If this describes you, I encourage you to consider a few other senses and emotions.
Sound is wonderful in the garden, and can set the mood.  Running water from a fountain or waterfall adds tranquility. As Kari mentioned to me,  hearing the chirping of invited birds in the morning will certainly put a smile on your face.  Plant colors, combinations and textures also play a role in setting the mood of your garden. An array of warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges are stimulating, while shade of blues, greens and white bring calm.  
Another aspect to completing our garden is bringing back memories.  Kari is slowly filling our front garden with violets and lily of the valley because she remembers both from her childhood.  For many of us, the joy we get from memories our garden brings can be the most gratifying.
Let us know how we can help you step closer to completing your garden this spring.-Eric
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