What do people see as they drive by your house or walk up your sidewalk? Can they see your house, or is it hidden by bushes? Landscaping sort of creeps up on us over time, and the next thing you know, it makes our house look old and unattractive. Landscaping should make your home look welcoming while complimenting the style of your house. It also doesn’t hurt if it adds a little color or flare. If you aren’t feeling the pride you once had, it’s time to do something about it, and Autumn Hill Nursery and garden center is here to help.

Landscape Design Yeilds a High Return on InvestmentLandscape Design Img

A properly designed and installed landscape not only brings the look of your house up-to-date, it increases the property value tremendously. A $3,500 investment this fall can yield a $6,000 to $7,000 increase in your property value within a short time. The increase in curb appeal, and the smile it puts back on your face is nearly immeasurable.

Where Do You Start?

So where do you begin? Before you do anything, look around. Go visit some neighborhoods; expensive ones, inexpensive ones, new ones and old. When you spot an attractive or particularly inviting yard, make some notes about what you see,or take some photographs. Visit nurseries and look through home and garden magazines, especially those known for their fresh ideas like Southern Living. Soon you will start to form an opinion of what you might like to see in your own yard. Next you need to decide on your budget. The cost of this project is going to depend on you and your yard.

Landscape Design ImgLandscape Design Cost

The typical re-landscaping across the front of a house, including removal of old plants, amending the beds, installing plants and mulching averages between $3,000 and $4,000. You can save about half of this cost by doing the work yourself, but you should consider your limitations. Time is another hurdle for many of us. A typical job like this may take a professional crew thirty to forty man-hours. Once you have some ideas and you’re comfortable with your budget, decide whether you want to hire a professional designer. Creating an attractive, functional design takes a fair amount of plant knowledge. The help of a professional can pay in long-term dividends. If you decide to hire a designer, make sure that he or she will listen to your requests, and value your input. The final result needs to be what you like and will feel proud of, not the designer’s.

An attractive landscape is an investment that gives you a tremendous return in value. If yours is no longer performing, now is a good time to give your house a new look.

If you would like some help designing or installing a new look for your home, give us a call at Autumn Hill Nursery 770-442-3901 (Woodstock, GA) or 770- 345-5252 (Canton, GA).

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