Soil Soil is the heart and soul of any garden, whether it is for veggies or flowers. Good soil means healthier plants with more blooms, and for vegetable gardens, more blooms means more fruit.

Of course, no matter where you live, garden or farm, any soil can be improved, and here are some very easy ways to get that done for the best growing season you’ve ever had.

Composted Manure

The fastest, easiest and one of the best ways to improve your soil quickly and effectively is by adding in composted manure.

You can add between 2 to 4 inches over the top and till it in, or in the fall, just put it on top and let it sit over winter. Either way, you will get loads of nutrients and the manure will be ready to feed your plants as soon as they are in the ground.


Although mulch can be tilled into the soil, the best use for it is to cover the ground where there are plants, to keep the soil moist. If you use compost for a mulch, virtually every time it rains, you’ll get an automatic fertilizer as nutrients from the decomposing compost washes down to the roots.


If you really want killer soil, add in some worms. It’s best to do this by wetting the soil first, adding worms on top of the soil and then covering them with mulch. This will keep the worms nice and moist while they burrow down deep, which both aerates the roots while their castings become organic fertilizer.

For questions about soil improvement, planting, garden supplies or general garden knowledge, contact Autumn Hill Nursery. We have all of your garden needs and have been serving the Woodstock, Ga. area for over 24 years.

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