We’ve gone a little hydrangea-happy at our Woodstock gardening center this month. But who could blame us? These classic shrubs add texture and color to any garden landscape. Whether you’re playing with acidity to change the color of your hydrangea bushes or marveling over the gorgeous tricolor L.A. Dreamin’ variety, these deep green shrubs with tight clusters of blooms are a staple in any summer garden.

Are Hydrangeas Native?

Yes and no. Some varieties of hydrangea plants, such as the shade-tolerant oakleaf and cold hardy smooth hydrangea, are native to the U.S. Others, such as the popular mophead hydrangea, were imported from Europe, China, and Japan in the 19th century.

How Do I Care for Hydrangeas?

  • hydrangeasKnow their needs. While hydrangeas can stand full sun in the northern states, here in the South, many can’t take more than a few hours of direct sunlight per day. Plant hydrangeas in a location with morning sun and afternoon shade, unless you’re ready to camp outside with a hose.
  • Get better blooms. Why aren’t your hydrangeas blooming? If your annual pruning involves cutting more than just dead branches or deadheading blooms, you’re probably removing the old wood where new buds grow. Over-fertilizing can also encourage more leaves and fewer blooms. If you want more blooms, you can invest in a reblooming hydrangea variety like the Endless Summer mophead or Twist and Shout lacecap.
  • Plan your move. It’s easy to transplant or divide and separate your hydrangea shrubs. It also requires a little foresight. Move hydrangeas in early spring or late fall when your plants are dormant.

Going gaga for summer hydrangeas? Visit Autumn Hill Nursery for a full selection of hydrangea varieties.


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