When we opened Autumn Hill Nursery twenty one years ago we were excited about selling roses.  We placed orders with several large nurseries that grew roses as well as other shrubs and trees.  Boy were we disappointed when they came in riddled with black spot and broken canes.  We soon realized that if we wanted to provide quality roses for our customers we would need to finish them out ourselves.

It is pertinent to begin with the strongest roses we can find.  Roses are somewhat unique in the fact that if you start out with a weak rose, it will probably always remain an inferior plant.

How We Prepare Our Container Roses

Step One: We purchase bare-root roses from reputable growers including Weeks, Star, and David Austin. (We never purchase waxed or boxed roses)

Step Two: The bare root roses are soaked in a bleach solution to kill any fungus or bacteria  prior to pruning and potting.

Potting Roses in Recycled Containers at Autumn Hill Nursery's Rose Sale

Step Three: The roots and canes of each rose are carefully pruned.  The roots are pruned back to promote a more vigorous root system. Canes are individually pruned to create a strong foundation free of dead or damaged branches. In addition we remove any weak canes, and canes that have the potential to rub against another cane.  Finally each remaining cane is pruned just above an outward facing break.  Once completed we have 3-5 strong canes that are uniform in height, and are ready to produce new outward facing branches.

Pruned Rose Tips at Autumn Hill Nursery's Rose Sale

Step Four: We pot our roses in a Fafard Soil Mix. Using a premixed soil specially formulated to ensure a consistent soil from plant to plant as well as year to year.

Step Five:  Each container is mulch to help hold moisture. At this point we also attached a color picture tag.

Potting Roses for the Rose Sale at Autumn Hill Nursery

Step Six:  Our roses are finished out in covered greenhouses with drip irrigation.  While the greenhouse protect the new growth from frost, we still want a rose that will be adapted to the weather once it is planted.  With this in mind, the heaters only come on once the temperature dips below 27 degrees.  By using drip irrigation, we avoid unnecessarily wetting the foliage which can lead to black spot or other diseases.

Roses in the Greenhouse at Autumn Hill Nursery's Rose Sale

Step Seven:  For the next 2-1/2 months the roses are monitored weekly and treated for any signs of disease, insect or fungus.

Step Eight: Once the roses are actively growing, and warmer weather is around the corner we fertilize the roses with Mills Magic Rose Mix along with a weekly dose of liquid Easy Feed.

Step Nine: As the roses grow, we discard any that are apparently weak. Once the roots are established, we release the roses for you to plant in your garden and enjoy for years to come.

With over twenty years of experience with growing the best roses possible to bring color to your garden, Autumn Hill Nursery in Canton, GA and Woodstock, GA is the place to go when you are looking to add some beauty to your landscape. Our annual rose sale is going on right now. Make sure you reserve your roses today and over the next several weeks we will be pruning them and caring for them to make them beautiful strong focal points in your garden for years to come!

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