Are you dying to transform your yard into a fall masterpiece, but aren’t sure where to start? Have no fear, Autumn Hill Nursery is here! Step outside into a whole new world with these autumn landscaping tips from your favorite Woodstock nursery.

6 Ways to Decorate the Landscape for Fall

  1. Visit our workshops. Our worker bees are always busy sharing the latest buzz about seasonal landscaping. Visit our workshops for tips on holiday garden displays, as well as timeless lessons on planting, tending, and arranging your garden.
  2. Get planting. There’s nothing better than seeing fall flowers unfold when you step outside your door. Plant cold-hardy camellias in pinks and whites or texture-rich mums in autumn’s most beautiful hues.
  3. Tend the table. After all, your fall vegetable garden will grace your holiday presentations soon enough. Keep on top of veggie upkeep to ensure the tastiest (and prettiest) fall festivities.
  4. pumpkinsPumpkins and squash and gourds, oh my! Nothing says “fall” like these classic garden decorations. If you don’t have room for a pumpkin patch, don’t worry. Artfully arrange pumpkins and gourds along the sidewalk, on the porch, or in wheelbarrows for just the right touch of fall spirit.
  5. Festive filler. Don’t be afraid to add large elements to your fall landscape. After all, nothing says autumn like hay bales and cornstalks.
  6. Fall decor. Want something you can use year after year? Visit Autumn Hill nursery for festive fall signs, holiday decor, and seasonal lawn ornaments.

Need help with fall landscaping? Ask your friends at Autumn Hill for planting advice, design tips, and a sneak peek at the latest seasonal decor.

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