Mini Fairy GardenThe ability to imagine is an incredible gift. Bored at work? Just shut your eyes and picture yourself watching the sun setting over the ocean while you sip wine and bury your toes in the sand. Inventors imagine machinery that doesn’t exist, while the likes of Steve Jobs envision a world that doesn’t exist. Maybe our daydreams are not as grand, but they are an important part of our lives. Imagine not being able to imagine?

With some luck, we can bring our imagination to life. Painters create on canvas, woodworkers shape wood, and us gardeners? Well, we use our back yards (and then our neighbors’ when we run out of room). And therein lies our problem. The painter and wood turner can simply grab another piece of canvas or chunk of wood when they are ready to create their next masterpiece. It’s not really practical for us to tear up our gardens and start over on a whim.

Miniature gardening allows us to create gardens without worrying about space or spending a lot of money. It allows us to build just about anything we can imagine. Want to be reminded of that trip to the beach last summer? Recreate it with miniature gardening. Been dreaming of a camping trip out west? Set up your own little campsite to enjoy while you read tourist guides to Colorado.

Miniature GardeningThe concept of miniature gardening is fascinating. You are only limited by your imagination. From the scenes you create to the containers you use to fashion them, there are no boundaries. Not to mention no shovels, no sweating, and very little, if any watering. What more could you ask for? This is a perfect hobby for kids, gardeners, and people with physical disabilities. And talk about making a unique gift for someone.

You can miniature garden indoors or out. Indoors your garden theme may change with the season and upcoming holidays. Part of the beauty is that nothing is permanent. Your garden can change as often as you want. Outdoors you can create whimsical garden scenes that mimic a village from The Hobbit in just a few square feet.

There is a fast-growing industry devoted to miniature gardening with dwarf plants and props to create just about any scene imaginable, with more becoming available every day.

Miniature gardening is a fun, inexpensive way to add your own personal and whimsical touch to your home and yard. Oh, but it’s addicting. Start making one and soon the wheels will be turning for the next. Come on by Four Seasons Gift and Garden at Autumn Hill Nursery in Canton, GA and find the perfect accessory to get your miniature garden started!

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