If you’re anything like us, the thought of decorating for the holidays overwhelms you with feelings of anticipation, creativity, and a touch of uneasiness. As much fun as it can be to transform your living room into a Thanksgiving wonderland, planning your next holiday masterpiece can be stressful. If you’re not sure how to incorporate natural elements into your holiday decorations this year, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bring the Outdoors In

There are a million ways to incorporate the beauty of bright fall foliage into your holiday decor. Tie vivid red leaves onto classic white candles with a bit of twine or toss foliage and pinecones into a jar for a simple holiday update. Want a unique Thanksgiving banner to welcome family members home for the holidays? Use a gold or white paint pen to hand write “grateful” “thankful” or “blessed” on rust-colored Magnolia leaves. String the leaves on ribbon or twine and hang above the mantle.

Wrap it Up

Welcome guests into your home by hanging a festive holiday wreath on your front door. For a simple, elegant Thanksgiving wreath buy a wire frame, attach mums (paper, fabric, or fresh from the garden) or pine cones, and weave burlap ribbon in and out of your warm-hued base.

Make It Miniature

mini holiday garenDid you love our Fall Mini Gardening workshops? Get in the holiday spirit with our Gypsy Garden Workshop on Saturday, November 15th. A few other ideas for miniature gardening:

  • Decorate the mantle with your dream fallscape
  • Create a festive Thanksgiving garden jar
  • Make a unique coffee table by building a miniature garden in an old dresser drawer, topping it with glass, and setting it on a homemade stand

Get Creative

Thanks to image sharing websites like Pinterest, it’s easy to get creative with fall decorating. Push your decorating talents to a new level by checking out a Winter Terrarium How-To or bring a festive feel to container gardening by combining unexpected autumn elements. Want a quick centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table? Fill an oversized serving bowl with water and intersperse fresh apples and floating candles for a cute “bobbing for apples” holiday decoration.

Do you have a holiday decorating tip to share with your fellow gardeners? Let us know and we’ll share it in an upcoming blog! For more garden and decor tips for Thanksgiving and Christmas, call Autumn Hill Nursery.

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