Stone Steps Landscape DesignHow have you planted your garden and landscape until now? Do you make your weekend trips to your local gardening center and just pick and choose what catches your eye, or what’s on sale? Then, you go home, pick a place, and just stick everything in the ground, hoping that it will grow and hoping that it will look decent. We understand that method – it’s fun, spontaneous, and you get to try out your creativity. But, if you’re tired of seeing your landscape look like it’s a jumbled mess of weekend projects plopped down in the landscape, we can help.

Autumn Hill Nursery can help you make your landscape design look professional, and personal. The key to a great looking landscape is to develop a plan for all areas of your landscape – from front to back. After you have a design in hand, you can complete parts of your landscape as your time and budget allows.

We offer a unique landscape design plan for customers in the Woodstock, GA and Canton, GA areas. For only $150, we will design either your front or backyard. You’ll also receive 10% all of your plant purchases for your design from our local plant nurseries. If you need help with the installation – we do that too!

Go ahead and schedule your custom landscape design for your Kennesaw, GA home. We look forward to helping you take you landscape from “hodgepodge” to “how did you do that?!”

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