September will be here in just a few days, and hopefully that means the cooler weather will be here on its heels. Is your summer garden about to produce its last few fruits and veggies? You don’t have to stop filling your table with fresh vegetables, go ahead and plant your Fall garden! Autumn Hill Nursery has some tips for you on what you need to plant when to get the best crop you can this Fall.

As your tomatoes and peppers peter out, your garden is starting to look rather sad and ragged. Don’t let your hopes fall, with the weather! Choose your favorite salad greens, sweet root crops, and cabbage to freshen up your garden and the flavors on your table.

The key to a successful Fall garden is all in the timing. You have to plan your planting and harvest time according to the weather in your region. Find the first estimated frost date, and plan backwards from there. Here in Woodstock, GA, our first frost date is estimated to be October 25th. Once you’ve established the first estimated frost date, choose your veggie that you are looking to plant. Determine how many days it takes to harvest, then add two weeks. The additional time gives the plants time to grow in the colder weather when they tend to grow slower. When you have all of this time accounted for, count backwards from your estimated first frost date. Now it’s time to plant! Most of these cold weather veggies also grow well outdoors so you can sow them right in your garden. No need to worry about growing indoors and transplanting later.

We are getting in our Fall veggies at Autumn Hill Nursery in the next several weeks so make sure you stop by each of our locations in Canton, GA and Woodstock, GA and pick up your veggies!

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