Produce is one of the most expensive items you can put into your grocery cart each week. So what would you say to us helping lower your grocery bill, by increasing your garden? Autumn Hill Nursery has 5 reasons you should grow your own organic vegetables, rather than purchasing them at your local grocery store, and lowering your grocery bill is one of them.

1. Save Money

When you grow your own veggies, you won’t have to buy them at the grocery store. If you learn how to can, you could grow enough vegetables to fill your cupboards all year long.

2. Keep Water Clear

When big growers use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, not only are they being introduced into your food supply, but they also are being introduced into our groundwater, which then filters into our ecosystem and drinking water supply. Avoiding the use of these chemicals could reduce groundwater contamination and increase water quality not only for our own use, but also for the benefit of the ecosystem.

3. Reduce Energy Costs

When you grow your own food, and therefore purchase less produce – you are reducing the demand on the economy, which means that less food will need to be grown in volume, less pesticides will be used, and less fuel will be used for cultivation and transportation of the goods.

4. Save Topsoil

In big farming operations, the soil has been virtually stripped of all nutrients and it is primarily used as a way to keep the plants upright as they grow. All nutrients are provided via chemical application. This creates an unstable layer of topsoil that easily washes away. According to the Soil Conservation Service, more than 3 billion tons of top soil are eroded from US farmland every year.

5. Eat Healthy, Be Healthy!

Growing organic vegetables means that you will eat less chemicals and artificial fertilizers – you will be able to control what does and does not go into your food! You never know how much of the 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides, or 30% of insecticides that are carcinogenic are in your food when you purchase it from the store. Leave the store bought veggies and their cancer causing chemicals in their boxes. Instead, harvest your fresh and organically grown veggies right from your garden to table.

Growing your own food is a great experience. Its so rewarding to know that you started from a simple seed and now you have a whole table full of food that you have had complete control over.  You know where it was grown, what chemicals did or didn’t go in it, and now you get to enjoy its great fresh taste. Autumn Hill Nursery would love to help you prepare your soil for your fall garden, come by one of our nurseries, either in Canton, GA or Hickory Flat, today to get advice from one of our seasoned gardeners.

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