No room for a vegetable garden? Dirt too hard to grow in? The Tower Garden is an excellent alternative to traditional vegetable gardening.  Now you can have fresh vegetables and herbs growing right out on your deck or patio with a minimal amount of effort, and no dirt.

Everything You Need to Grow a Vertical Garden

tower gardenThe tower garden is a complete growing system, giving your plants everything they need to thrive. The tower garden includes the tower and reservoir, mineral and nutrient solution, a pH test kit with balancing solutions, and a built-in irrigation system. Grow fresh flowers and veggies virtually everywhere, from the patio outside your kitchen to your lush-but-overfull backyard garden. Not only are you saving space, you’re conserving water, limiting loss of nutrients, and speeding up the process for growing seasonal vegetables in Woodstock.

Why Plant in a Tower Garden?

Tower gardens offer the best of all worlds. They’re mobile, efficient, ecologically friendly, and compact. Best of all? They’re weed-free! Watch plants explode with color right by the kitchen, or create a jungle of lush, edible goodies off the back porch. It’s a new, fruitful take on Georgia container gardening. One tower can house up to 20 plants. Not enough to sate your appetite? Get an expansion kit and grow up to 28 plants in a single tower.

To learn more about vertical planting, growing spring vegetables, or installation options for tower gardens, call Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flat.

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