For many people, marigolds bring back memories of trailing Mom and her wheelbarrow in early autumn. But a surprising number of Georgia gardeners have yet to experience the joys of planting marigolds. If you’re not sure what fall annuals to plant this year, here are 4 reasons to give marigolds a try.

4 Reasons to Plant Marigolds

  1. yellow marigold bloomsThey’re easy. Inexpensive, drought-resistant, and pest-resistant, marigolds are pretty hard to kill. That makes them an easy choice for amateur gardeners, folks who tend to travel, and gardeners without a lot of time. Simply plant marigolds in your vegetable garden or flowerbeds and watch them flourish.
  2. They bloom and bloom. Hope springs eternal, and so do marigold blossoms. These hardy autumn blooms thrive well past the first frost, giving your home a boost of color and fragrance long past October.
  3. They’re unique. Ruffled, layered, and airy, marigold petals add a dose of graceful creativity to Woodstock gardens. Their rich autumnal hues evoke that fall feel (you know, the one that makes you crave pumpkin spice lattes and crumbly quick breads). Plant marigolds in burnt orange, sunshine yellow, burgundy red, or any color combo.
  4. They repel pests. Marigolds aren’t just pest-resistant, they also drive bugs out of the garden. Plant marigolds near your veggie garden to protect your fall crop. Worried about pests in the yard? Many gardeners swear that planting marigolds along the fenceline drives away deer and rabbits, saving autumn annuals from becoming a wildlife salad.

Ready to dig in? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery to stock up on marigolds, soil supplement, and gardening tools.

Marigold Image from FreeDigitalPhotos

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