sunflower wearing sunglassesWhile you’re spending a week soaking up the sun on a tropical vacation, your garden will be doing the same thing back home. Unfortunately, it won’t have buckets of sunscreen and a few poolside cocktails to keep it cool. Instead of coming home to brown grass and withered flowers, prepare your garden for vacation with these tips from Autumn Hill Nursery.

Pre-Vacation Gardening Tips

  1. Think hydration. Water is the most crucial element for a plant to survive the summer. Before heading off on your summertime adventure, make sure your garden will receive adequate hydration while you’re away. Check the local forecast and set a timer on the sprinklers if rain isn’t on its way. Ask a neighbor to stop by and water container gardens, which dry out more quickly than ground plants. If you’re only traveling for the weekend, water deeply before your trip and when you get back.
  2. Let the lawn lie. We know, it gets you in the gut to think that while you’re off on vacation, your lawn will be growing, growing, growing. But resist the urge to shave it short before you leave. Cutting the grass too short can shock its system, causing it to go brown while you’re out of town. Even cutting the grass to the appropriate height can cause problems if you’re away, since freshly cut grass requires more water to stay healthy.
  3. Eat fresh. Feeling gardener’s separation anxiety? So is your vegetable garden. No matter how much rain is in the forecast, many of your veggies won’t make it ‘til you get home. The day before your trip, pick as many vegetables as possible. Eat them for dinner, slice them as a road trip snack, or leave a basket on your neighbor’s doorstep to thank them for watering the potted plants.

Want more tips on gardening in Woodstock? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery in Hickory Flat.

Sunflower Image from FreeDigitalPhotos

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