Over the last few years, there’s been a growing push for organic landscaping. Synthetic fertilizers have the convenience factor, but experts have increasing concerns about the toxins they release into our soil and groundwater. Use of synthetic fertilizers is becoming more prohibitive, and soon may be outlawed entirely. Regardless of the law, using organic fertilizers just makes sense for most gardeners in Georgia.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

Here are a few reasons to consider using organic fertilizers:

  • backyard compost heap100% organic fertilizers contain no synthetic chemicals that build up toxins in the soil or water.
  • With organic fertilizers there is no buildup of harmful salts that can lower the pH of the soil, which makes it more difficult for plants to take up needed nutrients. Sodium buildup can also be harmful to earthworms and microorganisms.
  • Organic fertilizer is much more forgiving. Since the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are low, it is nearly impossible to burn plants or lawn.  Organics are usually slow-release fertilizers, making timing of applications much less critical.
  • Many synthetic fertilizers are toxic to pets and wildlife. Organic fertilizers are safe for all animals.
  • Over time organic fertilizers improve your soil.  Your plants will actually become less dependent on fertilizers as your soil become more self-sustaining.
  • Certain plants (such as Rugosa roses) resist the use of chemical fertilizers. These plants only flourish using organic gardening methods.

Have a question about choosing an organic fertilizer? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery for tips on organic gardening and info on our upcoming workshops.

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