fresh vegetablesIf you caught Joe Lamp’l at our Garden for Life SpringFest, you may have tucked away a secret or two about organic gardening. Composting makes use of kitchen waste and an organic flower garden can reduce chemicals in the atmosphere, but if you’re going to start an organic garden, vegetable gardening is the way to go. By removing chemicals from the process, gardeners can grow bountiful, flavorful veggies that are safe and eco-friendly. Now that’s an idea we can sink our teeth into!

How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

  1. Stake out your territory. Depending on which vegetables will grace your summer garden, you’ll need a site with partial shade or full sun. Choose something on level ground that won’t drown in runoff water during summer squalls. If you can’t find a good place to plant an organic vegetable garden, manipulate the conditions by building a raised bed.
  2. Pick your plants. A few suggestions for successful vegetable gardening: plant your wife’s favorite veggies, not your own (trust us); find fun summer recipes and work backwards to grow the ingredients; have fun and experiment with new plants. Regardless of how you choose which veggies to grow, it’s important to plant disease-resistant plants in an organic veggie garden.
  3. Feed ‘em healthy grub. Fertilizer helps veggies grow big and juicy, but chemical fertilizers are a big no-no in organic gardening. Instead, fertilize the vegetable garden with compost, manure, or organic fertilizers from Autumn Hill Nursery.
  4. Teach your veggies to dance. If you grow vegetables in the same garden year after year, you strip the soil of nutrients and increase the garden’s susceptibility to disease. Instead, swing those veggies round and round, planting them in different sections of the garden each year.

Want to grow a thriving organic garden, vegetable tower, or other fun summer project? Visit your neighbors at Autumn Hill Nursery.

Fresh Vegetables

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