Miniature GardeningAnyone who has ever lost the afternoon to a gardening pinboard has probably felt landscaper’s envy. Sure, that organic garden sculpture looks beautiful beside the sprawling back porch, but how did they do it? How did they ever think it up in the first place?

Channel the green-eyed-monster into your green thumb with these helpful tips on finding garden inspiration (and using it in your actual garden).

  • Look around. You can find inspiration anywhere you look: neighbors’ yards, community gardens, and television, just to name a few. Open your mind to the possibilities by pulling inspiration, not just from the garden, but from architecture, artwork, and colors of the world around you. Just remember: if you’re scrolling through Pinterest or flipping through gardening magazines for inspiration, always consider the style of your home and the practical needs of your yard.
  • Be realistic. As talented as some people may be, a substantial portion of the landscape inspiration online was done by professionals. Be realistic about your DIY landscaping goals. If a project looks involved, lacks instructions, or requires specialized knowledge, pass it by. Chances are you’ll find another landscape that speaks to your inner gardener.
  • Ask the experts. Whether a “pros only” gardening idea has taken root in your mind or you’re simply not sure where to get started, the experts at Autumn Hill Nursery are here to help. Stop by our Woodstock nursery or our Canton garden center for hardscapes, plants, and friendly advice from the professionals.

If you’re not quite ready to tackle your own landscaping project, ask about our $150 landscape design service. With the help of Autumn Hill, you can get the front, side, or backyard of your dreams without ever picking up a shovel!

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