When the frost comes and the green drops off of our plants and many trees we are all snuggled in our warm homes, nestled next to the fire with a hot cup of cocoa in our hands – but what about the birds? When the temperatures change many birds start to change their eating habits – adding berries to their diet to supplement the lack of insects and trying to find reliable sources of food to sustain them through the short winter days and long cold nights.


Keeping Your Feathered Friends Fed

The natural change in what your backyard “pets” are eating means you should also think about changing what you are offering them for food. High calorie and high fat foods are going to be important for the birds to keep warm and regulate their body temperature. They will need the extra energy to consume and keep their metabolism up to stay fat and happy (just like us). Bird seed that includes oil sunflower, suet, and peanuts are some of the best options for your birds during the winter. They all have high fat and calorie contents and will be exactly what the birds are looking for this time of year.

What Kind of Feeder Do I Use?

Here in North Georgia we have a wide variety of birds right in our backyards and the types of bird feeders you use will decide which ones frequent your windows and tree tops. Try to keep your feeders on the east or southeast side of your house to keep them out of the wind. If you have hanging feeders they will attract smaller birds that are able to hang on as they swing such as chickadees, nuthatches, and finches. Platform feeders will attract cardinals, wrens, jays, and grosbeaks. You can also use ground feeders but make sure they are protected from the elements and don’t get full of rain water. These will entice sparrows, Mourning Doves, and quail to come visit.

At Autumn Hill Nursery we love our feathered friends and we can help you support them this winter and keep them coming back to your home as a safe haven and food source. We carry a variety of bird houses, feeders, and feed. Come by with a picture of your yard and we will help you create a habitat for birds to live, feed, and breed.

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