Getting your plants in the ground is just one of the small steps of cultivating a beautiful garden. Before that, you should test your soil and diagnose its needs, select the appropriate plants for your region, choose beautiful healthy specimens of the plants you have in mind, plant according to their size and shade or sun needs, water as required, and of course, make sure that you fertilize! Autumn Hill Nursery in Canton, GA can help you with just about all of these steps with our wide selection of plants and accessories in our nursery and garden center. One of our newest additions to our plant care selection of products is our very own, private label organic fertilizer.

Why Use Organic Fertilizer?

This is a topic that has a wide range of information on the differences between organic and inorganic fertilizers and why you should choose one over the other. In short, we encourage you to use organic fertilizer – especially if you are cultivating a vegetable garden – because it is safer for you, your animals, wildlife, and the ecosystem on a whole. Organic fertilizers are derived from 100% natural sources such as cotton, bone, and manure. They not only feed your plants, but enrich the soil and encourage growth of essential micro organisms that will promote healthy plants for many seasons to come.

Autumn Hill Nursery’s Organic Fertilizer

Our organic fertilizer is made  from processed and pasteurized poultry litter and is totally organic – no chemicals! It is safe to apply near any water sources and around people and animals. Many organic fertilizers only work after a period of time and the microbes in your soil are able to break down the provided nutrients into something your soil and plants can actually use. Our fertilizer contains both instant and slow release nutrients to encourage growth right away. Chemical fertilizers – when applied incorrectly – have a tendency to burn your plants roots, doing exactly the opposite of what it was intended for. Because our fertilizer is organic, it eliminates the potential for foliar burn and will only promote beautiful, healthy plants.

Our ‘Go Green 3-2-3 Organic Fertilizer’ is available today at both our Canton, GA and Woodstock, GA locations. Pick up a bag today so you will be ready for your weekend planting projects!

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