Mini GardenFall presents a unique opportunity for Georgia gardeners to revitalize their landscapes. The vibrant foliage and bright blooms of spring and summer have faded for another year, but the deep, earth-rich tones of fall are taking root. If you’re not quite sure how to achieve a balanced cool-weather garden, take a look at Autumn Hill Nursery’s 5 simple ways to makeover a fall landscape.

Simple Landscape Makeovers for Fall

  1. Plant, plant, plant. Fall is an excellent time to establish new trees, flowers, and turfgrass in the landscape. For a burst of fresh foliage or beautiful new blooms this fall, choose from the wide variety of winter-hardy plants available at our nursery.

  2. Don’t get rooted to the ground. Warm soil and cool air means flowers planted in autumn establish quickly, but that doesn’t mean traditional gardening is a landscaper’s only option. Add flair to the landscape by planting container gardens. Use unexpected containers like old wheelbarrows and woven baskets, or take advantage of the Halloween season by nestling traditionally potted plants into Jack O’ Lanterns.

  3. Speaking of unconventional gardening methods, miniature gardens make an excellent addition to porches, gardens, or the inside of the home. Make your own stylish hobbit hole, fairy garden, or Halloween landscape at one of our Fall Mini Garden Workshops.

  4. Don’t forget decor. A casual stroll through the aisles at Four Seasons Gift and Garden will reveal that the folks at Autumn Hill Nursery are a little obsessed with outdoor decor. Garden ornaments provide instant style, require little to no upkeep, and look fabulous whether they’re on their own or nestled beside a bed of fall mums. Update your fall landscape with seasonal decor and permanent hardscapes.

Ready to get started? Stop by Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock or Canton for all the plants, tools, and outdoor decor you need to refresh your autumn landscape.

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