We all have elements in our gardens that stump us at every turn: areas that just won’t drain properly, spots where flowers won’t flourish, and flowerbeds that wild animals refuse to leave alone. But one of the most common (and commonly ignored) garden problem areas are actual tree stumps. Stumps are cumbersome to look at, difficult to design around, and often a tripping hazard in the garden. If you have a stump that’s stunting your garden, consider these landscaping ideas for old tree stumps.

Disguise It

shoots in tree stump planterAutumn Hill Nursery stocks a wide range of flowers and shrubs that can be used to conceal a stump in the yard. Plant vegetation that will grow wide and cover the stump you want to hide. If the stump is hollow, you can also use it as a planter for a unique twist on container gardening.

Build around It

Stumps make a great base for birdhouses, treehouses, and outdoor art. Choose your design based on the size and sturdiness of the stump, then get building.

Emphasize It

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Many landscapers have designed beautiful gardens by emphasizing stumps instead of concealing them. Make an unmatched garden set by laying a glass table top on a level stump, tucking mismatched outdoor chairs on either side, and adding an old tea set as a centerpiece.

Remove It

Sometimes, a tree stump begins to rot, is at odds with your garden aesthetics, or simply gets in the way. If you can’t incorporate a stump into the design of your landscape, it may be time to cut the cord. Follow a guide for DIY stump removal (be sure to pay attention to recommended safety instructions) or call a professional to remove a tree stump from your yard.

Looking for flowers, shrubs, and gardening expertise? Stop by and say “hi” at Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock.

photo from flickr

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