Hydrangea TypeDescriptionCultural ConditionsBloom TimeFertiizing      and         PruningCompanion Plants
Macrophylla          Big leaf           French2 classifications: Hortensia (mophead) and Lace cap. 3-6′ tall & wide. Large, textured foliage. Mopheads have large round flowers. Color varies with soil ph. Lace caps have flat open flowersMorning sun or dappled shade.  Moist but well draining soil.  Will grow in more sun with adequate moistureJune -July. Repeat bloomers like Bloomstruck & Endless summer will bloom linger given adequate nutrients/moistureSlow release organic or 10-10-10 fertilizer 3 applications March, May & July.  Blooms on old wood, prune July -Early AugustEncore azaleas extend bloom season   spreading yew, gardenias camellias, astilbe, ferns, hostas, peonies, heucheras
Panicle     PaniculattaUpright growth from 4-10′ tall. Large conical white flowers can reach 12″ or more. Flowers fade to pink late in the seasonMorning sun or full day sun with adequate moistureJuly-early Sept. Quick Fire/Little Quick fire will start in JuneSlow release organic  or 10-10-10 fertilizer in March.  Blooms on new growth, prune in late fall or MarchDrift and Knockout roses, candy corn spirea, pugster blue butterfly bushes, maroon leaf loropetalums, black-eyed-susans, salvias, coneflowers
Quercifolia                        OakleafLarge leaves resembling foliage of an oak tree. Grow 4-6′ tall/wide. 10″ conical blooms emerge soft greem turning white the fading to rose-pinkLight to partial shade. Will tolerate more shade than other hydrangeas. Tolerates dry soilsLate May-June. Flowers emerge soft green, turn white, fade to pinkish roseSlow release organic or 10-10-10 fertilizer in March.  Blooms on old wood, prune July -Early Augustgardenias, distyliums, ferns, hostas, astilbe, lenten rose, big leaf hydrangeas
Arborscens     Smoothlarge smooth dark green foliage. Round white flowers up to 12″ diameterPartial to full shade. Moist but well draining soilJune-Prune as flowers fade often get round of blooms in the fallSlow release organic  fertilizer in March.  Blooms on new growth, prune in MarchRhododendron, soft caress mahonias, tall ferns,  everillo grass
Anomala                          ClimbingDeciduous flowering vine  climbs by clinging.  Delicate white flowers almost resembling Queen Ann’s LacePartial to full shade. Flowers more with some sunlightJune-July   Exfoliating brown bark is showy in the winterSlow release organic fertilizer in March.  Blooms on old wood, prune July -early AugustCan climb buildings, arbors, fences and trees. Astilbe, ferns,                  Shishi gashira camellia
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