One of the many goals of residential landscaping is to compliment your home. Homeowners can accomplish this in many ways or usually a combination of ways, including:

  • Accent the architecture of your home
  • Frame your home while softening the corners
  • Make a narrow house look larger by expanding landscaping on the sides
  • Draw one’s eye toward the entryway
  • Create consistency throughout the landscape
  • Create one or two strong focal points (this can change with the seasons)
  • Design a landscape that doesn’t cover up the home or block view of the front entry
  • Use walls or tiered plant combinations to soften the look of a sloping yard

How do you add Flair or Personality to a Landscape?

When it comes to designing a landscape, injecting your own sense of style into the design is a definite “do.” The beautiful thing about landscape design today is that you can create just about anything as long as you’re still keeping the basic landscaping principles in mind. The words “flair” and “personality” are common words we hear when a customer is describing their ideal landscape design. The definitions of flair and personality are as follows:

Flair: Style, originality.

Personality: Combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.

Flair means you make your yard look different from your neighbors. Personality means you make your yard yours. How might you add flair to a front yard? Don’t do the first thing that comes to mind – make an effort to be different! Look around and decide that your landscape is not going to look like everyone else’s. Here are some other suggestions:

  • Pick a theme – traditional southern style, lush greens, all-summer color, vertical heights, country garden, or select a specific color to focus on. The possibilities are endless.
  • Select striking plant combinations – Dark purple and bright orange coneflowers planted together or maroon leaf weeping Japanese maple with chartreuse sedums growing beneath it. Ask your local garden center for combinations that will wow everyone.
  • Create rock walls or borders. Add boulders or stone steps with toe-ticklers.
  • Give your beds shape and depth

How might you add personality to your landscape? Make your yard yours! Think about what you like and “go for broke!” Have a thing for birds? Load up on bird houses, feeders, or bird art to really let your personality shine. Have a thing for antiques? You can have a field day with old tools, pots and other hidden gems. When it comes to yard art, there is something for everyone out there. And the beauty of it is, if you can’t find something, create your own!

Contact Autumn Hill Nursery to help you design a yard brimming with both flair and personality!

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