This weekend Canton and Woodstock gardeners have the chance to stock their gardens with autumn favorites at a fraction of the cost. On Saturday, November 1st, Autumn Hill Nursery will open its doors for the highly anticipated Orphan Plant Sale. We’re slashing prices on perennials, trees and shrubs, and pottery for our biggest sale of the season. It’s the perfect time to look over your home landscape and give your garden a fall makeover.

Orphan Plant Sale

  • orphan plant saleWho: Garden lovers in Georgia
  • What: Exclusive savings on assorted perennials ($3), 3 gallon shrubs (50% off), selected trees and shrubs, Toe Ticklers, pottery, and more
  • When: Saturday, November 1st (starting at 9am)
  • Where: Autumn Hill Nursery in Canton and Woodstock
  • Why: Our lonely plants need a loving place to grow. Check out our selection of orphan plants and nursery items in need of a little TLC.

Creating a Well-Balanced Garden

Designing a balanced garden is easy if you know where to start. Luckily you can find all you need at the Autumn Hill Nursery Orphan Plant Sale. A balanced landscape should include:

  1. Color. Brighten up your fall landscape with colorful perennials, autumn gourds, and outdoor decor. Just make sure not to go overboard with the color. Soothing patches of green gives the eye a place to rest, making the garden look balanced and bright.

  2. Depth. If your garden looks a little one-dimensional, it’s probably time to vary your fall plants. Perennials make excellent additions to Georgia gardens, but the yard will look bare unless they have company. Create depth in the landscape by planting trees, 3 gallon shrubs, and Toe Ticklers in addition to cool-weather blooms.

  3. Materials. To create a visual masterpiece, gardeners often rely on both organic and inorganic materials. To add interest during the cooler months, incorporate garden decor and hardscapes into your backyard oasis. Container gardens are a great way to marry life with non-life in the landscape. (Bonus: you can pick up your plants and bring them inside when the weather gets cold).

What’s the best thing you can do for your fall garden? Stop by one of our two locations this Saturday for the Autumn Hill Nursery Orphan Plant Sale!

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