Christmas time is magical. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, there is just something in the air around the holidays that gives you just a little bit more joy, a little bit more appreciation for your family and friends. It’s walking through your home decorated with your favorite swaths of fragrant evergreen, beautiful ribbons and bows, and glittery ornaments that makes you wish that Christmas could be everyday of the year. Autumn Hill Nursery loves decorating! We’ve got a few tips for you on how to add this Christmas magic to your home for the holidays.

Hand Made WreathsMake a First Impression

When your family and guests come to your home to celebrate the holidays with you, their fist impression is of course going to be your yard, front door, and entry way. If you’re only going to decorate one or two areas of your home, make sure that you concentrate your efforts here. Hanging a garland around the doorway and a wreath on the door accented by a beautiful ribbon is a basic approach, but classic. You can’t go wrong with the right touches of evergreen here and maybe adding in a sparkle of Christmas lights there. Take it over the top by creating your own garland accented with burlap, twigs, pinecones, and little birds, complete with a matching wreath.

Give it a Theme

The easiest way for your home to look ‘complete’ when you’re finished decorating, is by giving your decor a theme. Tying it all together with an underlying element or idea makes your decorations appear well thought out – whether few or plenty. Here at Autumn Hill Nursery, we of course love the garden theme with a more rustic and natural feel. Create this look using metal watering cans for planters or displays, burlap and natural woody elements to accent your creations, and use live bulbs among your arrangements.

The Tree

The most important aspect of any Christmas gathering is of course the tree. Whether you have a themed tree that matches the rest of the house, or your tree is full of ornaments that have been carefully collected throughout the years, as long as you love your tree when the topper is finally put on, that’s what counts. Come on by Autumn Hill Nursery this weekend to choose your tree from our selection of beautiful, live cut Christmas trees!

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